Bird Medicine Retreat: Vision, Voice & Wings

cropped-swallow-feed1Infuse yourself with the medicine of the birds….
Sharpen Vision, Freedom to Move and Self-Expression

with Annie Thoe, Feldenkrais & Nature Awareness Teacher
Dates TBD
Thurs Eve – Sunday 4pm
Mosswood Hollow Retreat Center
Duvall, WA – 45 min from Seattle
(Shuttle from Seatac Airport Available)

Birds are the harbinger of awareness in the natural world.  Their keen eyesight and complex songs broadcast the news of what is happening in the surrounding environment.  They also lift our spirits and literally make us look upward! Their musical songs can inspire us to listen and create our own melodies.

In this retreat, we’ll be learning from the birds how to expand our vision, hearing and senses to the environment.  We’ll use movement and earth-based activities to tune our bodies to the rhythms of nature, expand the potential for our own freedom in self-expression and connect with messages for our life path(s).  Guided Feldenkrais lessons will be used to gently open the eyes, throat, chest and shoulders for greater freedom and ease of movement and voice.  Clear obstacles in your self-expression, voice, writing, art and opening your heart.  This retreat will provide many tools to open yourself and your body to creative flow.

In addition to these life-enhancing activities and learning more about the medicine of birds, you’ll enjoy some of the most scrumptious and healthy gourmet food you can imagine.   You’ll also have time to wander the grounds and marsh of this magical wildlife habitat in springtime– from dragonflies and frogs to pileated woodpeckers and eagles. The topic of Bird Medicine has been carefully selected during spring where the birds are most active with their powerful “dawn chorus,” establishing territories, mating and building nests.  We’ll deepen our knowledge of “bird language” and observe their interactions around us.

Why Retreat in Nature?  
P1050720Our culture is moving at a fast pace. Retreats make it possible to take a break from your habitual patterns, get off the road, quiet your mind from distractions and balance yourself in nature.  Nature has a way of putting life in perspective and re-orienting one to what is most important.  Take the time to nourish your body, lighten your chest and look at your life “map” in your heart.  Mosswood Hollow is a rich habitat for bird life and will provide opportunity to immerse in the medicine of these brilliant creatures.

In this retreat, you’ll receive healing and deep nourishment on many levels.  Quiet the inner and outer buzz.  Unplug from your work, phones and habits.  Listen to the sounds of birds, frogs, trees and take in rich air of spring.  At night, sit out on the deck or in the meadow under the stars.  Re-calibrate the course of your life for  balance, well-being and a deep connection to your core.

P1050558Your fellow retreat attendees are also a big part of this experience.  No worries if you don’t know anything about birds or nature!  Bring your curiosity and sense of wonder. A Beginner Mind is always welcome and appreciated here.  Each participant brings special gifts, attention and wisdom to share in this experience that enhances this retreat. This community we create in this retreat, along with the nature around us, makes for rich learning experiences that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

You like Comfort in a Rustic Setting…

P1050555Mosswood Hollow Retreat Center has a lodge with comfortable rooms/beds and common areas for lounging.  If you have not spent much time in the woods or nature, this retreat center is a great introduction.  Camping in the meadow or more rustic lodging is also an option for those who prefer.  The main trail is very walkable and there are many places outside their lodge to sit and enjoy the birds.  This retreat is designed to be healing, vitalizing and expansive.  The combination of activities with some of the best food you’ve ever eaten will make for a an uplifting retreat and a great kickoff to spring.

Please Register Early.  Space is limited– This will be a popular retreat.   Please reserve a place by sending a deposit of $150 or full amount of $395 by TBD ($445 after) to me via mail:  Annie Thoe at  PO 75671, Seattle, WA  98175  or register online via Paypal — request an invoice sent to your email:  Questions?    contact Annie Thoe via email or call 206-271-4270

AnnieThoe1Instructor: Annie Thoe, Feldenkrais Teacher and Assistant Trainer loves birds!  They inspire her on a daily basis. She teaches sensory learning and healing modalities with her unique applications of nature awareness for nearly 30 years. In addition to her healing work, she infuses her nature studies from many renowned trackers, naturalists, and authors including Tom Brown, Jr., Dave Moskowitz, Jon Young and is a 2010 graduate of the Anake Outdoor School, Tracking Intensive Program at Wilderness Awareness School.  She also served as Board President of the Wilderness Awareness School.  She integrates decades of earth-based spirituality, dreamwork, meditation and shamanic studies from many esteemed teachers and practitioners, including Hank Wesselman and Robert Moss.  She has a private practice in Seattle and has published an extensive audio series with guided lessons for movement and awareness called Sensing Vitality.

Time:  Begins Thursday at 6:30 pm dinner thru Sunday, 4pm;

Tuition (includes gourmet lunches 3 days) :  $395 if paid in full by Feb. 25, $445 after. Lodging and other meals arranged with Mosswood.  

P1050561Location: Mosswood Hollow is a magical, private retreat center in the woods, 45 minutes east of Seattle and northeast of Seattle-Tacoma Airport. Accommodations are available at a very modest price.  Contact Mosswood directly for lodging:  tel. 425-844-9050. Get ready for some of the most scrumptious food you’ll ever experience (mark my words…!)

Thanks for sharing this with friends, Facebook, etc.  I look forward to working with you!


Registration – Bird Medicine Retreat
Dates TBD-  Spring – Mosswood Hollow, Duvall, WA

Registration Fee

▪     Earlybird Tuition: $395 TBD, $445 after (includes 3 gourmet lunches)

1     Please fill out the Registration Form Below with your contact information.

2     Payment:  If you choose to pay using PayPal or a credit card for either the deposit or the full payment.  Click the Add to Cart button.  If you prefer to make payment with a check, please send either a deposit of $150 to reserve your place or pay the full payment of $395  to Annie Thoe, PO 75671, Seattle, WA  98175

Registration Information



Pay Earlybird Amount:  $395 – TBD, 2016 (Includes Tuition and 3 lunches)

Pay EarlyBird Balance Amount: $245


– after TBD, Pay Full Amount:  $445 (Includes Tuition and 3 lunches)


Pay Deposit Only:  $150

Refunds and Cancellations
▪     Before TBD/, refunds offered minus a $150 administration fee.
▪     After TBD/, refunds offered, minus the administration fee, will be granted if your place can be filled with a new participant.

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