Guidance to Begin:

Open the FLOW of your creative potential with more freedom in your chest, arms and hands. Connect with your heart. Excellent for self-expression, ease in breathing and working with your hands.  Great for sports performance: swimmers, all athletes and dancers.  Helpful for chronic tension/injuries with hands, shoulders and neck.  Expand creativity and ease for artists, writers, musicians, actors and all trades.  Also improve ease of tension with neck, low back and hips.

Feldenkrais lessons emphasize moving with ease instead of effort, different from traditional exercises. This series helps you lighten your shoulders and arms to experience the creative flow from your heart.

Begin with “Lesson 1- Feathertip Control” a helpful lesson to untangle tension in neck, shoulders and chest to the lightness of a bird wing.  If the positions or movements feel difficult, you can modify the positions to be more comfortable and make the movements smaller or do them in your imagination.  Each lesson can be repeated many times.  *If you feel pain or dizziness, please stop the lesson and work under the guidance a trained professional.

I recommend the series: Breathing, Head & Neck and Lower Back to support this series.  Truly, all the other series are beneficial for strengthening this ease of “flow” to your arms and hands.   If you have limitations or pain with any of the positions or movements in this series, the vision or breathing lessons and Balance #1 are very gentle and may be a good starting place.

Shoulder Lessons: Benefits
– Relax Chest and Shoulders 

– Flow of Expression
– Elegant movement and posture 

To preview and purchase lessons, click on links below which are with CDBaby. You can also purchase lessons on iTunes or Amazon.

Benefits and Descriptions of Shoulder Lessons

1.  Feathertip Control (AY 18)

Loosen chest, shoulders and arms to extend your reach and open chest with a feather light precision inspired by birds. While mostly lying on back with arms to side with elbows bent, roll bent arms in various positions to differentiate shoulder movements.

2.Wring & Roll (E 10)

Free up shoulder and spine tension through rolling your arms, head, spine and pelvis in a “sacred cross” while lying on your back or seated. Feel ease for turning and reaching.

3.Lift Off with Your Wings  (AY125)

Lie on belly with legs in various positions and gently lift and reach arms in various ways to improve back extension, open chest and loosen shoulders. Improve lightness and ease of arms to reach behind, like wings.

4. Pull Arms / Free Shoulders (AY 44)

Lie on back, belly and sitting positions: gently pull one arm in various positions to open one’s rib cage, neck and shoulders with side bending movements. Feel flexibility and length in your shoulders and entire torso.

5.Moving Wings Behind (AY220)

Slightly advanced Feldenkrais Lesson. Lie on back with hands in various positions behind back while moving pelvis. Helpful for opening rounded shoulders and improved head turning.

6. Lengthen Arms (AY 158)

Loosen shoulders from the rib cage by turning head and spine, reaching arms in various positions while lying on back and sitting. Free upper back for upright posture and open rounded shoulders. Helpful for scoliosis.

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