April/May Class Video: “Energize Vision – Energize Life”

Energize Your EyesVision can make or break us.  When stressed, we tend to see narrower and with less focus.  When relaxed, vision is clearer, wider and sharper.  Since the head and eyes sit on top of the entire body, the whole body supports this activity of seeing.  If you improve movement to the body, the eyes benefit.  If you improve the movement of your eyes, the rest of your body benefits! Click on this short video introduction of my new Vision Series and there’s just a little more in this short article…. Continue reading

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Feldenkrais Store Now Open! – Six Feldenkrais MP3 CDs Released

Our Website Store is now open with samples to listen with each CD!  Special offers  for our grand opening.  Please tell your friends and colleagues!
Six Feldenkrais MP3 CDs by Annie Thoe, GCFP  


Sensing Vitality Feldenkrais MP3 Series

Each CD is MP3 formatted with 6-8 hours of guided movement instruction to help improve how you move, balance, breathe, see and align yourself to live a more active life.

WEB_FreeYourShoulders_C+L copy

Feldenkrais CD Back
Feldenkrais CD Back

Thanks for all the support and encouragement to produce these CDs.  It’s been a project in the making for many years!



PS– I’ll have more samples in my store very soon!  There will be samples of each CD:  Liberate Your Back, Free Your Shoulders, Energize Your Vision, Expand Your Breathing, Balance Your Head, Align for Balance.


WEB_ExpandYourBreathing_C+L copyWEB_EnergizeYourVision_C+L copyWEB_BalanceYourHead_C+L copyWEB_AlignForBalance_C+L copy

Feldenkrais CD Release Parties!


Six Feldenkrais MP3 CDs by Annie Thoe, GCFP

CD Release Party!!!
Sensing Vitality MP3 Series

Friday 6 -9 PM Sept 20th on Whidbey Island at Sojourn Studio (5603 Bayview Rd., upstairs)
Friday 6-9 PM Oct. 4th in Seattle at M’Illumino (70th & Roosevelt Way NE)

Come eat, drink and celebrate the fruits of the six new CDs of the Sensing Vitality Series with Annie Thoe.  Each CD is MP3 formatted with 6-8 hours of guided movement instruction to help improve how you move, balance, breathe, see and align yourself to live a more active life.

Eye Palming: Clear Vision for Clear Thought

What is in the line of sight often triggers a line of thoughts.  People develop habits of seeing that filter what they catch hold of: the messages, information and surprises throughout the day.  What are you looking for?  What do you expect to see?  With technology bombarding our visual senses with emails, pop-up advertisements, movies, books, etc.,  it’s more important that ever to clear our vision to sift through the important messages.  Vision is deeply connected with our thoughts and decision-making.

Attention and awareness is the filter of vision.  There are many lessons and exercises to improve eyesight, but attention and awareness during these exercises can dramatically shift the results.  If you practice any of these eye lessons or exercises, be sure to sense the light (and the absence of light) with your whole body during the exercise– with your eyes, skin, blood, bones.  The Feldenkrais Method® engages your senses to improve and deepen activities you do.  With vision, Continue reading

Unglueing Shoulders – Quick Feldenkrais Lesson

This is a simple Feldenkrais movement lesson for unglueing the shoulders for relaxation that can be done at a desk or table.  Reduce tension in neck, arms and improve posture.  This lesson is also helpful for relieving symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.
Sit on a flat, preferably hard chair. Lean your forearms on the table so the weight of your arms is supported and your shoulders can rest.  Find the right angles for this– you may need to sit on a blanket to bring your arms in the right angle or place a blanket under your elbows so your forearms can rest easily.  (Unlike this photo, make sure your hands are relaxed on the desk or table– take a break from work for a moment…) Continue reading

Knees: 4 Tips for Best Healing Results

from theknee.com

People with knee pain or injuries often are told to strengthen their knee to overcome their problem.  While strengthening can be an important thing, there may be some strain or misaligned patterns that can slow healing or restrict function.  Strengthening exercises without good alignment can actually create new problems or exacerbate old ones.  Surgeries or knee replacements can be a godsend, and good aligned movement is important to prevent further injury or damage.  I recommend Continue reading

Feldenkrais Classes- Three Common Results

For those who have never tried Feldenkrais classes, or Awareness Through Movement® lessons, it’s helpful to know the results and benefits.  I’m quoting past students of mine to give the reader an idea why I teach and write about this work:

1.  I can’t believe such little movements can make such a big difference!  

This is the most common remark I hear from students in both classes and private lessons.

As with birds in the wild, any small disturbances could be a threat in their habitat.  A big, powerful or sudden movement usually erupts a shrill alarm or flight.  The human nervous system, like other animals, Continue reading